Get hands-on with the creators of Business Model Generation

Join Alexander Osterwalder, author of the international bestseller "Business Model Generation” as he leads a two-day Workshop and Masterclass

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    Location Date Language/Details Availability
    Boston, USA June 4-5, 2015 EN Get Tickets
    München, Germany September DE Notify Me
    Houston, USA September EN Notify Me
    London, UK Oct 29-30, 2015 EN Get Tickets
    Hong Kong, China TBD, Sep 2015 EN/中国的 Notify Me

3 reasons you should attend this Masterclass

Hands-on with the creators

Got questions the book couldn't answer? Want to go deeper? You've come to the right place. Attendees learn by listening, doing and interacting.

Newest concepts and the freshest thinking

It's been 3 years since we wrote Business Model Generation, and we've learned a lot. From integrating with other methodologies, to new plugins and ways or working.

How to implement it in your organisation

Read the book but can't get going? We'll give you what you need to teach the methodology to your organisation or clients, ways to integrate it into your process, and materials to help.

Here's what some previous attendees thought

“I went and it blew my mind.”

Kendra Shimmell, Director of CooperU, USA

“One of the most fun-filled and practical workshops.”

Praveen Singh, 99tests, India

“The mix of theory and practice was perfectly balanced.”

Daniel Pandza, Industría Quimica Phanamericana, Mexico

“It adds another level to holistic design thinking.”

Bart Jansen, Studio Spark, Belgium

“The workshop was fabulous. It was not just theory, but an action-oriented approach to Business Model innovation.”

Hrridaysh Deshpande, DYPDC College, India

“The best framework to align your entire organisation to create and sustain value.”

David N. Morris, President, Bone Anchored Solutionsvv, Cochlear Limited, UK

“This is definitely an activity I recommend to any business serious about its future.”

Nabil Harfoush, Manara International Resources Inc, Canada

“Learning to collaborate on the design of a business model may be the most important lesson for creating business advantages.”

Michael Anton Dila, Founder, UNFINISHED, Canada

“Utterly practical, easily understood, and very valuable — a genuinely useful contribution to business leaders in every industry.”

Richard Hunter, Gartner, USA

“The concepts presented were practical yet very innovative and cutting-edge”

Serge Hauert, McKinsey & Company, France

“"I have participated in a lot of workshops, this was one of the best. The day after, my team was able to six new and promising lines of business!"

Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming and The Connected Company, USA

"I have been using the Canvas with tons of clients, but attending the masterclass has improved my understanding and ability ten fold."

Benson Garner, USA
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