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Business Model Generation is a practical, inspiring handbook for anyone striving to improve a business model – or craft a new one.

Disruptive new business models are emblematic of our generation. Yet they remain poorly understood, even as they transform competitive landscapes across industries. Business Model Generation offers you powerful, simple, tested tools for understanding, designing, re-working, and implementing business models.

Change the way you think about business models

Business Model Generation will teach you powerful and practical innovation techniques used today by leading companies worldwide. You will learn how to systematically understand, design and implement a new business model – or analyze and renovate an old one.

Co-Created by 470 strategy practitioners

Business Model Generation practices what it preaches. Co-authored by 470 Business Model Canvas practitioners from 45 countries, the book was financed and produced independently of the traditional publishing industry. It features a tightly integrated, highly visual design that enables immediate hands-on use.

Designed for doers

Business Model Generation is for those ready to abandon outmoded thinking and embrace new, innovative models of value creation: executives, consultants, entrepreneurs – and leaders of all organizations.

  • This is by far the most innovative book on how to think about putting together a business. -Fast Company Magazine, The Best Books for Business Owners 2010
  • Here's a book we're finding quite useful – good tools and frameworks that help teams think through new business models. -Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer, GE
  • A different kind of business world calls for a different kind of business manual, and that's what Alex Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur have achieved in their New Age guide to contemporary business modeling. -Rolf Dobelli, CEO
  • Essential Reading for Startups or Large Companies. Osterwalder and Pigneur have written the definitive text for how to define, think, draw and iterate business models. -Steve Blank, author of The Four Steps to the Epiphany
  • The building blocks of innovation in a beautiful book! -Dave Gray, author of Gamestorming
  • The digital environment demands a new way of looking at media businesses. BMG is the tool we have chosen to help us better sail in this convergent world. -Jorge Nobrega – Corporate Managing Director – Globo
  • Business Model Generation – a fantastic methodology to implement innovation and make it the competitive differential of the 21st century. -Michael Lenn Ceitlin – CEO - Mundial S/A
  • An innovative book in its creation and content, it makes for fascinating reading. A book for those seeking to create new businesses and for people in search of something more in the management arena. -Marcelo Chamma - Managing Director – Votorantim Cimentos

Proud practitioners of the methodology

The core team.

  • Core Team
  • Alex Osterwalder
  • Yves Pigneur
  • Alan Smith
  • Patrick Van Der Pijl
  • Tim Clark

Alexander Osterwalder is an entrepreneur, speaker, and the lead author of global bestseller Business Model Generation, coauthored by Professor Yves Pigneur with contributions from 470 collaborators in 45 countries. Alexander speaks frequently for Fortune 500 clients and has guest-lectured at top universities including Wharton, Stanford, Berkley, IESE, and IMD. He holds a PhD from HEC Lausanne and is a cofounder of the enterprise software firm Strategyzer, and the The Constellation, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to eliminating HIV/AIDS and malaria worldwide.

Dr. Yves Pigneur has served as Professor of Management Information Systems at the UNiversity of Lausanne since 1984, and a visiting professor at Georgia State University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the University of British Columbia. He is editor-in-chief of the academic journal series Systèmes d'Information and Management(SIM), and together with Alexander Osterwalder authored the international bestsellers Business Model Generation: A handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers. He earned his doctoral degree at the University of Namur, Belgium.

Alan is obsessed with design, business, and the ways we do them. A design-trained entrepreneur, he has worked in film, television, print, mobile, and web. He co-founded the Business Model Foundry (makers of Strategyzer), where he works to create content, training and tools that help make business strategy tangible, practical, and accessible to anyone.

Patrick is the founder and CEO of Business Models Inc., an international business model consultancy based in Amsterdam. He helps entrepreneurs, senior executives, and their teams design better businesses, using visualization, storytelling, and other business modelling techniques. Patrick served as Producer of the international bestseller Business Model Generation.

Business Models Inc.

Tim Clark leads the professional business model movement at A gifted teacher/trainer and a former entrepreneur who draws on personal experience with multimillion dollar acquisitions and flops alike, Clark has authored or edited five books on entrepreneurship, business models, and personal development, including the international bestseller Business Model Generation. He holds master's and doctorate degrees in business, and is currently serving a a visiting professor at the University of Tsukuba in Tokyo.

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